Its all about the moment when

we've found the perfect actor, have a happy director, and
overjoyed client.

Experience matters.

At an early age, Gabrielle was exposed to every facet of production. She's third generation of a well known film and advertising family, so you could say that production is in her DNA. Working in the Los Angeles production community since she was 18, Gabrielle has gotten to learn from many legendary directors and producers. Evolving to be one of the leading casting directors for award winning commercials, music videos, and independent films.

Along with her creative approach to casting, Gabrielle brings a gifted and experienced eye to the process, making her an industry favorite for over two decades. Her first studio in Venice, embraced 'the revolution' and was a pioneer in capturing casting digitally. She blends production value and client concerns with a keen instinct for finding unique, memorable talent*.

The incredible and enthusiastic team at GSC utilize a vast array of skills and contacts. They always keep the fun going while casting for any desired platform of content.

*Actors, Comedians, Real People, Kids, Testimonials & Celebrities