Experience Matters

Gabrielle Schary honed her eye for great talent by working with and for many legendary producers and directors. These connections have made her an industry favorite for casting award-winning commercials, music videos, and independent films. Time and time again, her projects demonstrate her ability to strike a balance between client concerns and production value.

Gabrielle’s experience is unparalleled, but casting can’t be a one-woman show. In addition to her own talent, she brings a team of highly capable and enthusiastic industry professionals. Her office at 5th Street Studios serves as a comfortable setting for auditions, call-backs, and other production-related meetings. Gabrielle has the skills, the space, and the personnel to make visions come to life. What can Gabrielle Schary cast for you?

Meet The Team!

Wade Hendrickson – Casting Associate 

Here at GSC our #1 goal is to treat actors and clients with the utmost respect and care, while making sure to share more than a few laughs along the way. We dig deep to get the best people and options for whatever roles we’re searching for. Since joining the GSC team April ‘22, I was thrilled to bring my skills to enhance their process. With a background in theater, social media and public relations, I wholeheartedly believe it’s important to enjoy your work and help those around you as much as possible. Gabrielle’s generosity sharing her contacts and experience has created a new, unique and engaging team structure. The world of casting has become very special to me, and I’m always excited for the next project. What can we cast for you?

Bobby Stephenson – Owner of 5th Street Studios

“I love working with GSC!! Gabrielle and her team are incredible with actors and go the lengths to take great care of Production’s needs!! They are efficient, very professional and we always have a LOT of fun getting the job done.  I’ve been in commercial casting for 17 years and Gabrielle is one of the Best!! It’s always a pleasure working with her, Wade and the entire team! Our studio provides everything you need for in-person or remote casting. The studios and production space are simply the best place to be on the westside.  We look forward to seeing you at 5th Street!!”

Dave Lowe – Session Director

“I was born in Northern California and was raised in Micronesia and Hawaii. After graduating from U.C. Davis as a Fine Art Photography major, I moved to Los Angeles. As an actor, I’ve been in over 103 national commercials, and have also directed commercial spots that have gone on to circulate in festivals internationally. Between acting gigs, I direct casting sessions for commercial auditions. When I’m not working, I’m at home with my wife, two kids, and dog. In spite of having the idyllic Hawaiian upbringing, ironically, I didn’t learn how to surf until I moved to Los Angeles.”

Shawn Ryan – Session Director

“If you’ve spent time in Stuttgart Germany over the last five years than this man needs no introduction…For the rest of you, you can call him Shawn Ryan. Face of the popular ad campaign #LikeaBOSCH, Shawn currently resides in LA with his wife, daughter, and small black dog named Sadie.  Camera operator by trade his years experience seem to get longer every 365 days. Ohio handsome and LA funny, Shawn loves working with interesting and unique people but no matter how hard he tries Shawn just can’t seem to get into Elvis Costello.”